Welcome to YOUR Summer of
Spirit & Success Video-Summit !!!

Do you have a dream?

Do you find yourself doubting that you can reach it?

Do you ever hear yourself say things like:
“I don’t know how” or “I can’t” or “Maybe, I’m just not cut out for this?”

Do you wish you had more self-confidence and courage
in those pesky moments of self-doubt?

If you answered “YES,” you are not alone!
Of course, you have times of second guessing yourself. Many entrepreneurs and professional women (and even cool men) do. This SECOND GUESSING is EXACTLY what holds people back from all the success they deserve.

What I know is this: you can have all the most amazing resources for success at your fingertips (coaches, mentors, money, connections, smarts) but if you don’t take care of:

  • Negative self-talk
  • Nurturing your mind, body & spirit
  • Acknowledging your fears
  • Eliminating limiting belief systems
  • Mastering the Art of Uncertainty

Having all of those resources WILL NOT MATTER, you will find your success is elusive.




Some gremlin (those fears, past history and self-limiting beliefs) will be lurking inside of you just waiting to be heard! And, this gremlin (your ego) will pop up at the most inopportune time! You MUST LEARN HOW TO TAME IT in order to live in spirit and be successful.

Does any of this sound like something you’ve thought of at some point?

  • Who do you think you are to <fill in the blank>
  • You don’t have what it takes to <fill in the blank>
  • No one will buy that or my <fill in the blank> services
  • Who am I to think I’m an expert at <fill in the blank>

If you don’t know how to stay on track when this happens, you will not be able to step forward into all the success you deserve.


Summer of Spirit & Success Video Summit

Let’s face it. We all have self-doubt. We all have fears ~ at any level of work & business.

The DIFFERENCE between you and those truly successful people is they have discovered very specific, very easy, very quick ways to stop self-doubt and self-sabotage, and step through the fear to propel them toward greater success.

Image of happy female with raised arms enjoying summer day

Successful people create strategies for themselves that allow them to quickly re-align, to move forward when their ego starts talking negatively to them. By doing this, they make their dreams come true!

I’ve gathered an amazing group of just such people! They are going to share these strategies with you FOR FREE this summer. When using these strategies, you will easily be able to implement into your own life immediately to step into your own summer of spirit and success.

In this one-of-a-kind Video Summit, you’ll learn:

  • How to maintain courage in the moments of self-doubt
  • Tips to tame your own inner critic and tap your inner wisdom and courage
  • Create self-confidence that will propel you forward
  • Easy Tools to effectively shift your mindset
  • Secrets to unlocking blockages in belief systems that hold you back
  • How highly successful entrepreneurs “Do” it ~ face fear and step through it
  • Unleash your spirit and launch into success
  • Simple steps to move confidently forward
  • How to reveal your authentic self for greater success

You might be asking:

How is the Summer Of Spirit & Success different than other teleseminars & summits out there?

  • It’s made of videos not telecalls ~ allowing you to SEE heart centered entrepreneurs explain how they maintain their courage
  • Videos are only 5-8 minutes long ~ no one hour lectures or half hour interviews. You can watch quickly and see how easy it is to implement these techniques
  • Delivered via email ~ with one click access to see the video ~ no dial in time to schedule around.
  • Only TWO (2) Videos per week ~ not every day must listen to, no over stimulation of information, paced at a rate for exponential success for you!
  • Videos will be available throughout the ENTIRE SUMMER Until Labor Day~ not just 24-48 hours and not at an additional cost to access to all of them after their release. This allows you TIME to implement and review the secrets that best Resonate with you for an entire Summer of Spirit & Success.
  • Speakers are all people I personally know, respect and trust. They are not only revealing their secrets for you but they are offering bonus gifts to you as well.

Welcome to YOUR Summer of Spirit & Success!!!

Meet The Experts:



Laurie Erdman

Manage Your Energy To
Boost Your Confidence

Get More Energy Strategist Laurie Erdman, JD, MS CHHC created the Burnt OutTo Balanced SystemTM in response to burning out as a corporate lawyer and vice president. She will be sharing her number one tip from this formula that will boost your energy and courage and extinguish your self-doubt.



Mary Gorham Malia

Your Body is Your Greatest
Ally in Creating Confidence

Mary’s unique focus is as a ”Step by Step You Can Live an Extraordinary Life” Gay Girl Dating Coach because happiness is more than dating! She believes your body is one of your most powerful tools to shift your emotional state. In two minutes, she will show you how you can shift from feeling powerless to feeling confident by using power stances.



Alyssa Johnson MSW, LCSW

Be Determined… Be Dauntless

Tired of being too afraid to step into what you know you’re called to?  Are you letting self-doubt rob you of the joy that’s meant for you?  Now is the time to be dauntless!  Watch as Alyssa Johnson, counselor, life coach, and creator of the Vibrantly Live System, shares a practical 3 step process to take you from fear to freedom every time.



John Rasiej

Focus on Your Link to Others

Author of Speak Louder Than Words: Five Ways You Can Change Lives and Boost Your Bottom Line Through Great Public Speaking, John helps business owners focus on their message so they can confidently connect like never before. John knows that when we get into fear, it’s easy to get into isolation. And reconnecting with the way we’ve been called to help others is a key to breaking that isolation down. He will show you how to take specific steps to achieve this.



Teri Goetz

Stop the Runaway Train of Emotions

T.E.A. Party? Two tips to keep moving forward in the face of fear

Teri Goetz, CPC, MS, L.Ac. is fiercely committed to helping women transform what they believe is possible for themselves so they reclaim their excitement and passion for what’s next and wake up every day to a life they love. She shows women how to reconnect with those alive and sensational parts of themselves. Teri will give you tips for handling and rerouting the runaway train of emotions during moments of doubt or fear.


Stacey Martino

Stacey Martino

The Courage to Create Your Magnificent Love Affair with Your Partner

Stacey Martino is founder of the Relationship Transformation Program™. She knows how the stress of finances and daily-life can impact relationships and will share with you strategies that work to harness your courage and create the love of your dreams.


Laurie Bornstein

Laurie Bornstein

Top Lifestyle Feng Shui® Strategies to Get Through the Doldrums

Passionate about empowering you to find inspiration in your surroundings and success within yourself, Laurie is the Lifestyle Soul-utions Coaching expert and master teacher of Interior alignment® Laurie believes that when your office is filled with clutter, unfinished projects and is disorganized, it’s impossible for clarity and focus to get through – and without clarity and focus everything grinds to a standstill. She shares tips, trick and strategies about how to get back into creativity through powerful inner and outer feng shui enhancements.



Jeannie Spiro

Master Your Craft to
Overcome Your Fears

Jeannie’s mission is to encourage, guide and teach career women with dreams of full entrepreneurship how to make strategic transition from career into a freedom based business of their own. She knows firsthand how much courage this takes and shares with you how the fear we have of what other’s think must be conquered and her tip to do it so that you can step into the success you deserve.



Stephanie Dalfonzo

Rid Tension & Anxiety Faster with EFT

Stephanie is committed to her clients succeed long term by empowering them to make changes with tools and techniques that continue to reinforce those changes on into the future. She changed her life first with EFT and thought it was pretty quick until she learned Faster EFT and she’ll share this powerful yet simple technique to help overcome unwanted emotions and move Faster toward your success.



Lynan Saperstein

Create Your Gift/Power Sources

Lynan believes in having FUN while you grow your business! She understands that we often can transform ourselves and our businesses by the ‘stuff’ that is right under our nose because we can see it for the fear. She’ll share how to take your weaknesses and make them your strengths. When you do this, Lynan knows that your GREAT authentic power that lay deep within can be released and you can turn your crazy dreams into ideal prosperous reality.


stacy nelson

Stacy Nelson

Breakdowns, Breakthroughs
& Nose Blowing

There’s a point when we all breakdown… Join Stacy as she encourages women to open their heart and market (and live) from that space. Tears happen, embrace the opportunity! As an Intuitive Marketing Coach she helps women with heart-inspired business dreams personalize their marketing, take clear action and communicate authentically. She’ll show you why meltdowns are actually very important to have and how they can help you breakthrough the fear.


Laura's Portrait

Your Host: Laura P. Clark

Loving-Kindness: A Lesson in Humility

By listening to your innate wisdom, Laura knows you make choices and decisions that allow you to step into your unique brilliance. You can not step through your fears until you feel safe and strong. You can not step through your fears until you love yourself unconditionally. Laura will share her journey of how she has tweaked the ancient art of metta meditation to quickly allow yourself to feel safe and remember you are loved ~ anytime, anywhere under any circumstance.


Your Next Steps

Are you Ready to take Advantage of this amazing FREE Summer of Spirits & Success Video Summit? Are you Ready to step into your own brilliance? Are you ready to shine this summer and create all the success you deserve?

Then join hundreds of other successful entrepreneurs and professionals who want to learn with you How to maintain courage in the moments of self-doubt and quickly move past fears into great success this summer.

Register Now and step into YOUR Summer of Spirit & Success!

Laura Clark
Your Soul-Wise Living Mentor

About Your Host: Laura’s passion is helping entrepreneurs and busy women who are overwhelmed and struggle to tap into their own inner GPS system. She uses her R.E.A.P. Clarity Success System™, a unique blend of holistic approaches, to quickly create breakthroughs for people to achieve their goals and aspirations. Her clients are able to flourish and create greater success in business and in life no matter the challenges they face. By doing so, they find greater clarity, joy & abundance.

P.S. When you register, you’ll receive all the detail you need to access the Summer of Spirit & Success Summit as well as a complimentary copy of my weekly ezine Soul-Wise Musings, the calendar of speaker videos.

P.S.S. Remember, You’ll get access to all the videos once they are released for the rest of the summer (not just 24-48 hours).

P.P.S.S. If you know another individual who is ready to step into their own success with greater clarity and less fear, please share this with them!

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